Enter our realm of well-being, exemplifying the ancient pampering of the Romans and their wives, and begin your journey into the past of the Roman aristocracy. Relive and experience the magical moments of pampering of Roman gods and emperors. Each individual chose their own way of relaxation, they were known for temperature jumps, where they walked from hot to cold baths and back. In the Sauna Land Varinia, we offer you various trips along our Roman paths and rich sauna programmes performed by our experienced sauna masters.

Finnish saunas

ROMAN ARENA (indoor sauna) | NERON (outdoor suna) temperature: 80°C – 100°C

The Finnish sauna has a beneficial effect on the body, as well as the overall psychophysical well-being. By pouring stones, we achieve an additional hot wave of steam, which additionally warms the room and accelerates our body sweating. The Finnish sauna offers air swirling programmes and various healing body wraps.

Steam saunas

Indoor saunas, temperature: 40°C – 55°C

High humidity in the steam sauna and inhaling the scents of natural essential oils have a positive effect on the respiratory system. In the Sauna Land Varinia, there is a fruit and herbal steam sauna. In the steam sauna, experienced sauna masters carry out programmes of peelings and healing body wraps.

Infrared saunas

Indoor saunas, temperature: 45°C – 65°C

The energy in the infrared sauna works in depth and warms our body, but because the temperature in the infrared sauna is lower than in the Finnish sauna, it is also recommended for people with cardiovascular problems.

Salt sauna

Outdoor sauna, temperature: 60°C – 65°C

Visiting a salt sauna increases circulation, opens pores, and salt crystals open the respiratory system. It helps us stay healthy and in good shape.

Bio-herbal sauna

Outdoor sauna, temperature: 50°C – 60°C

Bio herbal sauna is a sauna with a lower temperature, and higher humidity and has a beneficial effect on the body, opens pores, and is especially suitable for people who have a problem with water retention in the body. For inhalation of aromatic air of natural herbs.


You can relax on the heated beds and seats up to 37 ° C after visiting the selected sauna.

Rest areas

Relax your body and mind in indoor resting places with relaxing music.

Indoor jacuzzi

Cold pool

In the Sauna Land Varinia, there is an indoor cold pool and an indoor hot tub with thermal water.

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