In the modern Amalija Wellness Centre, which will enchant you with its rich tradition, you will connect with nature, feel the rich wisdom of our ancestors and regain your life energy. The natural beauties are complemented with the offer of unique swimming pools modelled on Roman baths, baths from Roman times in a historic thermal temple, a mystical ambience that takes you back in time, the Sauna Land Varnia with various saunas, a wide range of massages, body and facial treatments with professional cosmetics, fitness centre, and hairdressing salon. Friendly and professional staff will listen to you and advise you on making treatments suitable for you. In the desire to awaken harmony and the experience of perfection in you, we offer you a world away from reality.


Relive the original Roman baths in the pools with thermal water, which, as one of the richest waters in Slovenia, has proven healing effects for the body.


Enter our realm of well-being, exemplifying the ancient pampering of the Romans and their wives, and begin your journey into the past of the Roman aristocracy. Relive and experience the magical moments of pampering of Roman gods and emperors.

Massages and treatments

Touch miraculously heals the soul and body. In combination with carefully selected products that we use for massages and body treatments, we bring the power of nature and touch into your body.

Thermal baths in the Historic Temple of Rimske Terme

We offer you an experience of the past. Come with us on a journey through the history of Rimske Terme.