The latest method to eliminate cellulite and reshape your body.

Maderotherapy is a special anti-cellulite massage with wooden rollers that helps fight cellulite, excess fat and at the same time cleanses the body. Maderotherapy originates from Colombia and is 100% natural and safe for the skin due to the use of wooden appliances.

Maderotherapy is recommended for:

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system,
  • detoxification and stimulation of metabolism,
  • cellulite removal,
  • fat burning,
  • improving skin tone and tension,
  • reduction in volume,
  • relaxation of body and mind.
Maderotherapy (50 min): € 53

(legs + buttocks + belly + arms)

Maderotherapy (30 min): € 33

(legs and buttocks)

Additional offer:

Back massage – Maderotherapy (20 min): € 29